Self-defense courses for children

Trainers who are specialized educators in addition to their comprehensive martial arts skills in mixed styles teach children’s courses.


Trainings for kids
in the 11-15 age range.

During the trainings, special attention is paid to the children's ability to cope with difficult stressful situations, the development of which helps not only in case of physical danger but also in everyday school life.

The coaches tailor the lessons to the individual psychophysical characteristics of the children.

In terms of physical development, we pay special attention to the balanced development of the child's entire body including increasing motor and performance capacity.

In the children's learning program we place special emphasis on:

  • Development of a child's Mental Resilience geared towards developing assertive attitudes towards strangers or aggressive people.
  • Developing self-confidence while developing altruistic attitudes towards vulnerable people.
  • Self-defense techniques and skills to avoid dangerous situations
  • Combat instruction using various styles including, jiu jitsu, judo, boxing, muay tai and karate.

Individual training possible